Order your Unique Custom Military Coins Today

The challenge or military coins have a certain appeal, which keeps people fascinated, and more companies and organizations use the custom military coins to promote their establishment or events. What exactly are challenge coins?

Custom Military Coins

The challenge or military coins bear no monetary value. They are small coins that are no bigger than the palm of your hand. These coins usually bear the logo or insignia of an organization, club, group, or company. The coins are usually used to boost the morale of employees or members of an organization. Businesses use the coins as promotional items or as one of their marketing tools.

We, at Challenge Coins 4 Less, know how important it is to produce elegant and high quality coins to serve a particular purpose. We always aim to bring what the client wants and meet the expected time of delivery. We know and value the importance of time, and it is our objective to meet the satisfaction of our customers all the time.

The Challenge Coins in the Military

There are thousands of custom military coins to date and the number is still growing. The coins are already part of an undying military tradition. Different units in the military have their own unique coin design. No two units have the same coin design. The coins of the different units may have some similarities in their design, but there are still noticeable differences in the features.

There are certain occasions when a member of a particular unit may be given a separate coin, which has a unique design, as a token of gratitude or recognition for a deed performed with excellence.

Custom Police Coins

The dedication and sacrifices that a police officer gives won’t go unnoticed. Like the custom military coins, the police coins are also given to deserving policemen who did and continue to do their best to make the community safe and peaceful. Those who went beyond the call of duty were also acknowledged.

The police coins are also given to citizens who did an outstanding deed for the entire community. These serve as tokens of appreciation or awards. It’s a small gesture, but people appreciate them and the recipients cherish the items.

Corporate Coins

Many business establishments use the custom coins to promote their company, products, services, and/or upcoming events. Some give limited edition coins to loyal customers. There are companies that issue a limited number of commemorative coins during their founding anniversary. There are companies that also use the custom tokens as awards to deserving employees.

To attract the target audience or clients, the coins must be well-made and elegant looking. Challenge Coins 4 Less can help you achieve your objective through your custom coins. We follow a strict quality control to make sure that each one will attract the right recipient.

For School Events

There are schools that also use the customized items for their school events. Most of them use these during athletic meets. These are usually given as awards to the winners.

As Wedding or Party Favors

The custom coins can also be used as wedding or party favors. You can include the name of the event and the date in the design. The custom coins can last longer than the usual things that are used as favors. If you want a particular event to be remembered for a long time, then it is best to choose these as mementos for the said occasion or event.

Novelty Items

Military CoinsIf you own a craft and arts or novelty shop, then you can include your shop’s unique custom coins as part of your merchandise. There are shops that sell cute, attractive, colorful, and/or elegant coins to draw in customers. Observe the types of customers that your shop attracts and create a coin design, which will surely appeal to them. You can also come up with designs that will appeal to other types of customers whom you want to invite into your shop.

Ordering your unique custom coins is not difficult to accomplish. We, at Challenge Coins 4 Less, are willing to assist you each step of the way and even help you create your coin design. We can produce a design, which can attract your target audience.

It will take years before the people’s fascination to custom coins will fade. Until then, it is best to order your custom military coins, business coins, or whatever type of challenge coins you have in mind right now. The recipients will surely welcome and love them.


If you are looking for custom military coins, so you can contact to us and visit our website challengecoins4less.

Establishing identity and legacy with Custom patches

Membership in a club or organization entails a screening process that could be lax or rigid. A school club requires future members to sign up, fill out application forms, and possibly go through interviews with club heads and moderators. A non-government organization or foundation requires a similar application process but also obliges applicants to have reputable backgrounds and social work experiences.

HandicraftA corporate or government organization holds more strict screenings of applicants and even requires a series of tests to be passed. Other organizations even compel that applicants are passers of national certification examinations. Whether lenient or strict, the screenings are vital in the selection of applicants who will be accepted in a group.

The exclusivity in a group is not only exhibited by its screening process:

Once accepted, members are expected to abide by the rules and regulations of their group. They have to be able to produce remarkable output. They must make use of their talents for the betterment of their group. They also have to respect their leaders and cooperate with fellow members. Although it is mostly work more than play in organizations, members, more often than not, form friendships and build bonds. Their professional relationships grow into friendly or almost familial relations.

Thus, being part of a group becomes a source of pride:

It shows that one belongs to a reputable organization. It exhibits that a member has found people who share his interests or advocacies. When members take pride in belonging to their group, they ensure to make such feeling known in anecdotes or posts in social media.

Other members even literally wear their hearts on their sleeves by using apparel with the name or logo of their group. When members want their group name or logo to stand out in their apparel, they tend to go for embroidered patches because of the embossed effect caused by the embroidery. Embroidered patches can also be sown into any type of fabric, making it more practical for group members to use it.

Custom patches are used by members of a group to identify themselves with the organization they belong to whether it is a school club, sports team, academic institution, community association, church organization, business, corporation, the police force, fire department, or military. Custom patches are usually sown into uniforms but they can also be sown into jackets and duffle bags.

Custom-patchesA patch with simple embroidery may just be smaller than the palm of a hand but it holds so much more relevance for group members. It stands for the fact that the members successfully got through the application process and are legitimized components of their group.

Others even celebrate the milestones of their groups by having patches made for occasions such as anniversaries. Custom patches, in this case, are not just used to signify identity but also to establish the legacy of a group. Some patches include a group’s date of establishment while other patches even detail the number of years a group has been in existence. The date of establishment or the duration of existence is accompanied by the name or logo of the said group. The group’s slogan is also included in some instances.

Custom patches, therefore, have to be of high quality so that group members can wear them for a long time. At Patches4Less, high quality patches can be made with reasonable and affordable pricing. We offer a simple and swift process of customizing embroidered patches. Firstly, a client is asked to submit his ideas for a patch design along with relevant pictures, sketches, or artwork. We accept designs in hard copy or soft copy.

Secondly, our design team will make a digital proof of the patch design:

Our graphic artists, backed by years of experience in the industry, can help design patches according to the vision of a client. Lastly, upon the approval of the client, we will use the digital proof to produce customized patches.

Clients are assured that they can really develop patch designs according to their specifications. We offer clients plentiful choices—hundreds of colors, styles, and attachment options, to be exact. Clients can choose from our full range of patch sizes, shapes, thread colors, and border types. We have already created millions of custom embroidered patches and are eager to produce more for members who wish to make known their group’s identity and proclaim their organization’s legacy.

At Patches4Less, we provide high quality custom patches can be made with reasonable and affordable pricing. We offer a simple and swift process of customizing patches.