PCB Assembly Basics

At pcbnet.com, PCB assembly is made fast and easy. This guide will give you an overview of the board assembly process and why we are your most reliable source for high-quality PCBs.

pcb-assemblyThe assembly of printed circuit boards (PCBs) is a process that includes multiple stages such as through-hole technology and surface mount technology (SMT). In the through-hole stage, the component leads are soldered onto the PCB through a wave soldering method. The SMT stage, on the other hand, begins by depositing solder paste on the connection pads of the board, followed by many other steps which are explained below.

Materials Needed for PCB Assembly

1.Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
2.Electronic components
3.Soldering flux
4.Soldering materials such as solder bar, solder paste, solder wire, solder preforms
5.Soldering equipment such as SMT equipment, wave-soldering machine, soldering station, and testing and inspection equipment

The PCB Assembly Process

Here are some of the steps involved in PCB assembly:

Solder Paste Printing

The solder paste is applied onto the PCB, usually through a stencil printer with a pin-registration system or an optical alignment. The quality of the print must be verified first before moving on to the next stage.

Instead of using stencils, we use a unique tool to jet the solder paste. This technique reduces time and cost in manufacturing and has become the standard in the PCB industry.

Component Placement

After the solder paste is applied to the board, small SMT components are placed using a pick and place machine. Placing the components by hand can be dangerous and so it is not recommended for surface mount technology or SMT. If making a double-sided surface mount assembly, it is necessary to dispense glue to hold the components in place on both sides.


After placing the components, the completed board is typically placed on an oven conveyor belt for the re-flow process. In this stage, the solder that was applied is melted and the component joints are connected permanently by means of controlled heat.

Manual Insertion

Before the manual insertion process takes place, the leads of the component are cropped as leads should have proper length. Leads that are too short may not extend into the thru-holes, while leads that are too long may impede the components from sitting on the correct position on the board.

After cropping to appropriate length, the leads are then curved to a particular shape to relieve tension, and the components are manually inserted into the PCB.

Wave Solder

In this process, the board is passed over a wave solder and a connection between the leads of the electronic components is established.


In the cleaning stage, residues of solder flux round the solder joints are removed using de-ionized water and/or solvents. Typically though, a non-messy solder paste is used for printing with solder paste. In this case, it is unnecessary to remove flux residues after the soldering stage.


Using inspection machines, the quality of PCB assembly is verified in the final inspection stage. There should be no bridges between the solder balls, no shorts, and no loose balls surrounding the components or the leads.

PCB Quality Class Standards

Currently, there are three quality class standards in the PCB industry. Among these three, 1 and 2 are most popularly followed.

C lass 1

This is for general electronic products. This is also used to test and verify designs.

Class 2

This is for dedicated service electronic products including high-level business machines, communication equipment, and instruments that require extended life and high performance, and for which service must not be interrupted.

Class 3

Products under this class are usually used in some types of military, aeronautics, and medical applications, which require uninterrupted and highly-reliable service.

To ensure that our prototypes meet your specifications in production, we always give Class 2 to our customers.


We are first to have the Full TurnKey quote innovation that lets you obtain a PCB quote in no time. You can get one by either filling out the online quote form or by sending us the following info:

•Bill of Materials (BOM)
•Gerber Files
•Pick and Place Data
•Lead Time and Quantity Desired


After sending the above information to us, we will contact you shortly and send you a TurnKey quote within the same day (if received before 11 a.m. CST). As we use caliber equipment in the assembly of your PCB, you can guarantee that the result is of the highest standards.

The Kind of Supplier You Need For Storage Containers

A lot of the things that people put in storage containers are valuable to them. Otherwise, they would really not bother storing the items and just throw or give them away when they do not have any more space. The files, documents, family photographs, furniture, appliances, and other similar items are often considered to be of value (whether financial, sentimental, or practical) and thus need to be stored in a secured space. You need to find a company that you can trust to give you quality storage systems and provide excellent customer service.

Among the different qualities that you should look for in your storage containers supplier include:

1. Flexibility to meet various needs –

Different people have different storage needs. You might also have the need to use storage containers in a number of ways. You can opt to use them as a conventional storage facility or you can choose to customize them according to your own specifications. They can be used as outdoor storage right at your own backyard, an extension of your living space, or as a place to house your startup business.

2. Availability of options to rent or purchase –

Renting a storage container is perfect if you will be relocating your house, renovating, setting up a mobile office, or doing inventory. We offer short term as well as long term leases depending on your preference. We even provide seasonal storage solutions when the demands are high. You can easily extend your contract with us if you need to use your container for a longer period. Simply give us a call. Storage Containers

On the other hand, you can purchase your own storage container if you plan to use it permanently. You can do whatever you want with it and make as much modifications as you want.

3. Choice of high-quality containers –

Movablecontainers.com has a wide range of containers that can address your requirements. Our past clients include private businesses, contractors, hospitals, hotels, schools, and government units. Whether you will be using them for residential or commercial purposes, our storage containers are guaranteed to serve you well.

Moveablecontainers.com is a supplier of high grade ISO or inter modal containers that always comply with industry standards. The containers are made from 12 gauge corrugated steel with a reinforced base and wood flooring. They are built to last. They are also air tight and water proof. You do not have to worry about leaks, flooding, or other water issues.

4. Wide variety of container sizes –

You can choose from a 20 foot, 40 foot, 40 foot high cube, and 45 foot container. Their weights range from 4850-10,350 lbs. Whether you want a smaller one for your home or office or a bigger one for your warehouse, you are sure to find a container that fits your requirement to a tee.

5. Guaranteed protection –

As the items that you are to store in your portable containers are highly valuable, you want additional security. It would be too expensive to hire a security guard to watch over your container 24/7. If you really need to do so, you might want to consider a fixed storage facility.

For more practical purposes in using movable containers, you need to make sure that they are equipped with high-security lock boxes that will be difficult to pick. Those at moveablecontainers.com, for instance, have anti-theft and tamper-proof lock boxes so you can have the peace of mind that no burglars will gain access to your valuables.

6. Convenient delivery arrangements –

Storage-ContainersWith the portability of moveable containers come the convenience of having them delivered to your doorstep or your desired location. You can have them set up in your choice of location. You simply have to call and make arrangements with moveablecontainers.com for delivery. They also have relocation services in case you want to move your storage container to another location. They can deploy their tilt-back trucks at a moment’s notice.

7. Fast and reliable services –

Although storage services do not usually require quick response, unless it concerns reports of burglary or vandalism, you do not want to have to wait ages for your required products and services. When you order your moveable storage container, moveablecontainer.com can delivery within 3 to 4 days after receiving confirmation from you. You can check out our website for a list of states and localities we service.

You can visit the moveablecontainer.com website now to request for a quote. You can be assured that our portable containers are priced at competitive and affordable rates that will not break the bank.

Order your Unique Custom Military Coins Today

The challenge or military coins have a certain appeal, which keeps people fascinated, and more companies and organizations use the custom military coins to promote their establishment or events. What exactly are challenge coins?

Custom Military Coins

The challenge or military coins bear no monetary value. They are small coins that are no bigger than the palm of your hand. These coins usually bear the logo or insignia of an organization, club, group, or company. The coins are usually used to boost the morale of employees or members of an organization. Businesses use the coins as promotional items or as one of their marketing tools.

We, at Challenge Coins 4 Less, know how important it is to produce elegant and high quality coins to serve a particular purpose. We always aim to bring what the client wants and meet the expected time of delivery. We know and value the importance of time, and it is our objective to meet the satisfaction of our customers all the time.

The Challenge Coins in the Military

There are thousands of custom military coins to date and the number is still growing. The coins are already part of an undying military tradition. Different units in the military have their own unique coin design. No two units have the same coin design. The coins of the different units may have some similarities in their design, but there are still noticeable differences in the features.

There are certain occasions when a member of a particular unit may be given a separate coin, which has a unique design, as a token of gratitude or recognition for a deed performed with excellence.

Custom Police Coins

The dedication and sacrifices that a police officer gives won’t go unnoticed. Like the custom military coins, the police coins are also given to deserving policemen who did and continue to do their best to make the community safe and peaceful. Those who went beyond the call of duty were also acknowledged.

The police coins are also given to citizens who did an outstanding deed for the entire community. These serve as tokens of appreciation or awards. It’s a small gesture, but people appreciate them and the recipients cherish the items.

Corporate Coins

Many business establishments use the custom coins to promote their company, products, services, and/or upcoming events. Some give limited edition coins to loyal customers. There are companies that issue a limited number of commemorative coins during their founding anniversary. There are companies that also use the custom tokens as awards to deserving employees.

To attract the target audience or clients, the coins must be well-made and elegant looking. Challenge Coins 4 Less can help you achieve your objective through your custom coins. We follow a strict quality control to make sure that each one will attract the right recipient.

For School Events

There are schools that also use the customized items for their school events. Most of them use these during athletic meets. These are usually given as awards to the winners.

As Wedding or Party Favors

The custom coins can also be used as wedding or party favors. You can include the name of the event and the date in the design. The custom coins can last longer than the usual things that are used as favors. If you want a particular event to be remembered for a long time, then it is best to choose these as mementos for the said occasion or event.

Novelty Items

Military CoinsIf you own a craft and arts or novelty shop, then you can include your shop’s unique custom coins as part of your merchandise. There are shops that sell cute, attractive, colorful, and/or elegant coins to draw in customers. Observe the types of customers that your shop attracts and create a coin design, which will surely appeal to them. You can also come up with designs that will appeal to other types of customers whom you want to invite into your shop.

Ordering your unique custom coins is not difficult to accomplish. We, at Challenge Coins 4 Less, are willing to assist you each step of the way and even help you create your coin design. We can produce a design, which can attract your target audience.

It will take years before the people’s fascination to custom coins will fade. Until then, it is best to order your custom military coins, business coins, or whatever type of challenge coins you have in mind right now. The recipients will surely welcome and love them.


If you are looking for custom military coins, so you can contact to us and visit our website challengecoins4less.

Establishing identity and legacy with Custom patches

Membership in a club or organization entails a screening process that could be lax or rigid. A school club requires future members to sign up, fill out application forms, and possibly go through interviews with club heads and moderators. A non-government organization or foundation requires a similar application process but also obliges applicants to have reputable backgrounds and social work experiences.

HandicraftA corporate or government organization holds more strict screenings of applicants and even requires a series of tests to be passed. Other organizations even compel that applicants are passers of national certification examinations. Whether lenient or strict, the screenings are vital in the selection of applicants who will be accepted in a group.

The exclusivity in a group is not only exhibited by its screening process:

Once accepted, members are expected to abide by the rules and regulations of their group. They have to be able to produce remarkable output. They must make use of their talents for the betterment of their group. They also have to respect their leaders and cooperate with fellow members. Although it is mostly work more than play in organizations, members, more often than not, form friendships and build bonds. Their professional relationships grow into friendly or almost familial relations.

Thus, being part of a group becomes a source of pride:

It shows that one belongs to a reputable organization. It exhibits that a member has found people who share his interests or advocacies. When members take pride in belonging to their group, they ensure to make such feeling known in anecdotes or posts in social media.

Other members even literally wear their hearts on their sleeves by using apparel with the name or logo of their group. When members want their group name or logo to stand out in their apparel, they tend to go for embroidered patches because of the embossed effect caused by the embroidery. Embroidered patches can also be sown into any type of fabric, making it more practical for group members to use it.

Custom patches are used by members of a group to identify themselves with the organization they belong to whether it is a school club, sports team, academic institution, community association, church organization, business, corporation, the police force, fire department, or military. Custom patches are usually sown into uniforms but they can also be sown into jackets and duffle bags.

Custom-patchesA patch with simple embroidery may just be smaller than the palm of a hand but it holds so much more relevance for group members. It stands for the fact that the members successfully got through the application process and are legitimized components of their group.

Others even celebrate the milestones of their groups by having patches made for occasions such as anniversaries. Custom patches, in this case, are not just used to signify identity but also to establish the legacy of a group. Some patches include a group’s date of establishment while other patches even detail the number of years a group has been in existence. The date of establishment or the duration of existence is accompanied by the name or logo of the said group. The group’s slogan is also included in some instances.

Custom patches, therefore, have to be of high quality so that group members can wear them for a long time. At Patches4Less, high quality patches can be made with reasonable and affordable pricing. We offer a simple and swift process of customizing embroidered patches. Firstly, a client is asked to submit his ideas for a patch design along with relevant pictures, sketches, or artwork. We accept designs in hard copy or soft copy.

Secondly, our design team will make a digital proof of the patch design:

Our graphic artists, backed by years of experience in the industry, can help design patches according to the vision of a client. Lastly, upon the approval of the client, we will use the digital proof to produce customized patches.

Clients are assured that they can really develop patch designs according to their specifications. We offer clients plentiful choices—hundreds of colors, styles, and attachment options, to be exact. Clients can choose from our full range of patch sizes, shapes, thread colors, and border types. We have already created millions of custom embroidered patches and are eager to produce more for members who wish to make known their group’s identity and proclaim their organization’s legacy.

At Patches4Less, we provide high quality custom patches can be made with reasonable and affordable pricing. We offer a simple and swift process of customizing patches.

An Excellent Guide In Buying Golf Shoes Online

Wearing a nice pair of golf shoes is important to enable you to comfortably play on the course. In fact, majority of golf shoe manufacturers worldwide have exerted so much effort in developing the best design to ensure both support and comfort. So, if you want to find the best pair of shoes in the market today to meet your golfing needs, there are some important things that should be considered. All you have to do is learn some tips and get what you exactly need.

With water-resistant technology, spike, and sole quality, the designs offered today are sure to improve the player’s game.

Hence, below are practical insights you need to know to properly equip yourself with some excellent tips before buying a new pair of golf shoes:

• Cleated or spiked golf shoe

Golf-ApparelThis is a classic known for its effectiveness in providing water resistance, comfort, style, traction, and breathability. However, finding this type of shoes can be daunting especially if you don’t know where to start. But there’s nothing to worry about because Rock Bottom Golf can help you get the right pair.

Enjoy the stability offered by spiked golf shoe and win in your games more often.

• Spikeless golf shoe

This is actually a recent development in the golf shoe industry. This is essentially designed to provide style and comfort while the player enjoys lightweight, flat-soled shoes on the golf course. The dimple soles or rubber studs are ideal for firm surfaces. In fact, many professional golfers now wear street-style golf shoes due to the lasting comfort they give. However, unlike their spiked counterpart, spikeless shoes suffer from stability issues.

• Golf boot

This is a rare design used in golf courses. Golf boots are actually a perfect way to endure Mother Nature’s challenging terrains. They are similar to a wellington boot or a hiking boot because of their style and waterproof feature. However, please note that this is heavier to use and doesn’t allow much freedom when moving your ankles during common golf movements like the swing. It’s important to check whether it’s comfortable enough before you buy this particular pair.

• Golf sandal

Golfers who usually play under hot weather are inclined to wear golf sandals. This type of shoe enables them to enjoy breathable footwear while playing in the golf course. The toeless and open design means comfort and style, especially during the summer season. Golf sandals are also more affordable than golf boots so you can buy a pair anytime you need them.


When it comes to the materials used in manufacturing golf shoes, you also need to know how they affect comfort and stability when wearing them. There are various materials to choose from but the most important thing is your satisfaction. So carefully know each material and determine which can provide you the ultimate comfort and waterproofing you need once you use them in the golf course.

Golf Shoe Materials

Leather is obviously the most admired golf shoe material around the world. It’s processed and added to the outer part of the golf shoe in order to create a stretch-free, tight-fitting and water-resistant shoe design. Usually, it has a saddle that helps stabilize the shoe surface while making it a great choice for summer golfing. Top manufacturers can provide a 1- or 2-year waterproof guarantee, although leather shoes can be expensive in some suppliers. Hence, be ready to pay a premium for quality and stability.

Waterproof linings are another top material in terms of producing water-resistant golf shoe designs. However, please consider that other manufacturers may offer their own version of these shoes. Golf shoe with waterproof lining is usually thick but still breathable, allowing for extreme comfort. If you’re looking for a nice pair of shoes this summer, the waterproof lining material is the best choice for you. You can even choose from great designs online to match your personal preferences.


And for a cheaper option, the synthetic material is one of the popular choices in the market today. This affordable alternative will give you the right material for daily golfing needs. It’s non-porous polyester so you get a protective outer shell no matter how you play golf. This is actually thinner and lighter than the other materials mentioned above while having the best price for average golfers out there. For many manufacturers, these shoes are made cheaper to immediately provide players an easy option for breathability and comfort.Golf-Clubs

To find the perfect pair of golf shoe, you need to keep these things in mind. With the overwhelming choices of golf shoe designs, you surely need a reliable guide to easily get the best shoes on the market. So the next time you need a new pair of shoes for your complete golf outfit, check out these insights and get what you truly deserve.

Author Bio:
If you’re looking for a nice pair of shoes this summer, the waterproof lining material is the best choice for you. Here www.rockbottomgolf.com, we providing the best quality golf shoes.

Your Guide In Choosing The Right Speaker From Motivational-Speaker-Success.Com

There are lots of motivational speakers nowadays. Some of them are experienced and others are not. However, not all seasoned speakers can be considered effective. If you are in a hunt for the best motivational speakers, let motivational-speaker-success.com help you.

Firstly, we list down some questions that you have to answer to select the right one.

1. Why do you need a speaker?

Keynote-speakerYou may need a speaker to talk about certain subject to your employees, lead a team-building activity, or do a motivational talk at the end of your conference. Your probable speakers shall know the theme of your event, or the subjects you want them to tackle. This is for both parties to know if they can deliver or not.

2. How much are you willing to spend for a speaker?

Of course, seasoned speakers have higher rates, but most of them can deliver. If you can afford hiring a celebrity speaker who will not only inform, but also entertain your subordinates, then you may do so. We at motivational-speaker-success.com also recommend that you try interviewing inexperienced motivational speakers. The great things about these speakers are their fresh ideas, and fresh approach and techniques.

3. When do you need them?

You need to have a specific time and date whenever you consult with a speaker. Motivational speakers are busy people. They are always traveling and talking in different setting to various kinds of people. You have to make sure that your ideal speakers are available on the day of your event, especially if they are in demand.

To narrow down your choices, below are the types of motivational speakers that you should know.

1. The Industry Motivational Speakers

These speakers have experiences in business, manufacturing and service industries. They know how a business operates. They are knowledgeable about the responsibilities of the employees – from executive to staff level. They can motivate employees to perform better in their jobs. They provide advices on how to attain success in the industry. They also try to raise the morale of the lower level staff, and encourage them to push themselves to get a promotion.


These are the perfect speakers for you if your goal is to increase your sales and the productivity of your workers, or improve your business in general.

2. The Youth Motivational Speakers

This kind of speakers obviously targets the youth – the teens and young adults. They usually speak in schools, communities and churches. They motivate the youth to study hard for their future. They also give inspiration through their own life story. Youth motivational speakers will relate their experiences when they were younger to give examples of struggles and successes.

They can also talk about religion, exhibiting kindness to other people, respecting the laws, and avoiding vices. We at motivational-speakers-success.com believe that the best youth speakers are the ones who experienced a lot of pitfalls in their lives.

3. The Humorous Motivational Speakers

These motivational speakers can cater to any kind of audience. They are adaptive and relatable. They use their natural sense of humor to entertain the listeners. They also use anecdotes to cite examples, inspire, or simply make the listeners roll out of laughter. They are the best people to hire if your topics are about life, happiness and success.

The talks of humorous speakers are livelier and lighter than the others’. You should, however, find those who can truly impart sensible knowledge to the audience.

4. The Personal Development Speakers

These speakers are also called life coaches. They help people of any kind to become better. They have an extensive knowledge on wellness and lifestyle. The topics they usually talk about are weight loss, fitness activities, stress, anxiety, depression, happiness, mind training, and success. These motivational speakers are also willing to work with individual clients to help them achieve specific life goals.

5. The Community Motivational Speakers

Good-SpeakersThis last kind that motivational-speaker-success.com will cite talks in different communities. They talk about the timely issues in the society. Some of the topics include climate change and other environmental issues, education, health, and new established laws and regulations.

Their objective is to inform the public about the mentioned issues. They also suggest certain actions to address the issues, and often initiate these actions. Moreover, these speakers seek to motivate the public to be aware of the things that are happening in their community.


You cannot choose the right motivational speaker unless you have an objective that they need to uphold. Also, based on your objective, you can select which type of motivational speaker has the ability to do the job. Afterwards, you can interview a few speakers who have the expertise you are looking for.

We highly recommend that you pick a motivational speaker who has integrity, confidence, ability to communicate effectively to the audience, and a good sense of humor. They should also be relatable, lively in the stage, and engaging.

Author Bio:
Motivational speakers are regularly esteemed for their capacity to persuade, rouse, and support individuals in a specific gathering. We at motivational-speaker-success.com also recommend that you try interviewing inexperienced motivational speakers.

3 Important Facts You Need To Know About Ostarine

Ostarine is another name that is used to refer to the chemical enobosarm. This chemical is under the chemical category of SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator). SARM includes other chemicals that include pro hormones and anabolic steroids that usually have some positive effect on the human body. This is the reason why the SARMs are being widely used in the medical industry and in the sports industry. However, the bad thing about the other Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators is that although they have a lot of positive effects for the human body, they also have certain negative effect that are inherently harmful when taken at a prolonged period of time.

Hormonal-agentsTherefore, enobosarm is actually different from all the other SARMs available. Do you want to know the reason why? Although it has all the positive effects of SARMs, it does not have all the negative repercussions that are usually associated with the use of SARMs. This is the primary reason why the medical field and the sports field have been very interested and excited with the development of this chemical. They hope that in the near future, this chemical will be widely used in hospitals, sports teams and other organizations to help improve the health and performance of a specific person.

Listed below are the three important facts that you should know when it comes to the chemical:

    Just like any other SARMs that are available today, enobosarm also improves the muscle mass of the user.

    Therefore, this chemical acts in a way similar to steroids. One, it stimulates muscle growth and development. Two, it promotes muscle mass. Hence, professional athletes such as those playing in the NFL and NBA will surely benefit from the use of this chemical. This is because this chemical will significantly improve their levels of strength thereby boosting their performance in training and practices. In addition, it will definitely give them an edge in games, especially in close games where the game is usually won on a single burst of strength.

    This will also be beneficial to athletes that are no longer in their prime. This includes non-professional athletes who compete in marathons, swimming, cycling and triathlon. These are usually the people who use sports as a lifestyle activity to improve their health.

    The bottom line is that this chemical can be a good alternative to all the SARMs that are presently available in the market today.

    Cutting down the level of body fat is one of the major benefits of the use of enobosarm

    If you are a person who is having difficulty losing weight and building muscle mass, this chemical will be perfect for you. Now the question is how does this chemical help a person lose weight?

    It goes like this: the chemical has certain properties that significantly reduce your intake of calories. In addition, it simultaneously increases your levels of metabolism and testosterone. As you know, the key to losing weight is to reduce your calorie intake and to increase your metabolism and testosterone. Hence, by using this chemical, you effectively kill two birds with one stone.

    According to scientists, a person will realize and notice a huge difference in his weight (reduced) and muscle mass (increased) through the consistent and correct usage of this chemical in a span of four to six weeks.

    You will improve your endurance with the use of enobosarm

    Another benefit of this chemical is improving both anaerobic and aerobic endurance of a person. This will be good news to sports aficionados and enthusiasts of baseball, football, soccer, and basketball where endurance is an imperative.